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Usenet support

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╗ Ask questions about our service
╗ Retrieve your username and/or password
╗ Find out how to update your billing information securely
╗ Report any problems
╗ Provide feedback/opinions on how to improve our service

Order NowHow do I cancel the rebilling on my account?
Accounts rebill "same day" as the date you subscribed to our service. If you wish for the rebilling to stop please visit the service cancellation page before your next scheduled rebill. Your access will then expire 1 month from last rebill or sign-up date (whichever is later).

What is required to use this service?
All you need is "newsreader application software" to access our Usenet newsgroup servers. There are many free and paid versions available to download on the Internet. If you're using a Microsoft operating system you may already have Outlook Express Newsreader installed on your computer. Visit if you need other versions for Microsoft, Macintosh, Unix, Linux, BeOS, etc. operating systems.

Can I access my account from home and work?
Yes! In fact, any place where you can get an Internet connection you should be able to access our news servers. And with the geographically dispersed servers, you should have no problems with speed and connection stability.

I'm new to newsgroups; where can I get help?
Our technical support staff is more than happy to assist you in getting started with Usenet newsgroups. We can provide you with step-by-step instructions on setting up the software required to connect, as well as offer guidance on usage. Click on the link above to email support today!

How fast is this service?
As fast as you can download/upload. We've partnered with some of the largest providers of Usenet services and bandwidth, so whether you're a dial-up user, or DSL/Cable Modem high-speed customer, we have the service for you.

What are the Usenet server names?
We provide access to multiple servers, allowing you to find the fastest server available to you. Once you have an account with us, you'll have instant access to the following newsservers:

How many connections ("threads") is my newsreader allowed to make?
We allow a maximum of 8 high-speed connections (streams) from your newsreader application to our newsservers for the per/day account types (4 streams for unlimited account). This allows you to download at the fastest possible speed capable of your Internet connection.

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