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We're interested in partnering with webmasters/mailing list owners. We can negotiate referral fees based on your traffic. Contact us for more information


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newsgroup affiliate program

Get paid for advertising our website!

╗ Earn money for linking to us
╗ Anyone can join
╗ Referral/advertising fees negotiable
╗ We pay our affiliates/advertisers directly

Earn money by referring customers to us
There are no costs associated with joining our affiliate program, and set-up is easy. We can provide you with a hyperlink and/or image banner to place on your website or mailing list (opt-in lists only; no spamming allowed). The link/banner will contain a code specific to your website so we know how much to pay you. You'll then receive a check each month from us!

Any website/webmaster can join
If you think visitors to your website would be interested in our newsgroup service, then please join our affiliate program! Whether you're just starting out as a beginner webmaster, or have been running websites for years and want better returns on advertising, we want to partner with you.

Referral fees negotiable
We understand one-size-does-not-fit-all in terms of referral programs, and we're willing to negotiate payment options. Examples: we can pay by "each referral", or a "flat monthly fee" (we're also open to other ideas!). Please provide us information about your website (see JOIN TODAY below) so we can determine the best partnership set-up available.

Payments made directly by us
We pay our affiliates directly, every month. We do not involve 3rd-parties in tracking/payment as it becomes too troublesome to manage the 3rd-parties themselves. Paying our affiliate webmasters is a top priority.

Join today
Contact us today:

And provide the following: Website URL (if applicable), along with a brief description of what type of advertising you want to do for us (links, banners, etc.)

We'll check out your website and contact you via email to negotiate the referral fees.

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